Diet + Exercise = Weight loss? Not always!

Are you eating in a calorie deficit and exercising like crazy but still not seeing results?

When it comes to weight loss (especially in women) there are many other contributing factors. INCLUDING:


Ladies, you get hormone in three places. Ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat cells. When your body is stressed out whether it be physical(workouts), chemical(food allergies, digestion)or mental(thoughts) stress, your ovaries and adrenal glands go into overdrive to compensate for all of the production that is being stolen by cortisol(stress hormone). When this happens the only other place your body can get hormones from are your fat cells. Your hormones are what keep you running day to day so your body WILL NOT let you get rid of the last place it can get hormones from(fat cells).


Man or woman, if you are eating your food allergies every single day you are causing inflammation in your body every single day. Instead of shedding a few pounds, your body will be focused on repairing itself from the inflammation caused by food allergies.


You could be eating all the right foods but are unable to break them down properly. These undigested foods will wreak havoc on your gut. When food isnā€™t digested properly it can start to ferment in your intestines. When this happens it releases gas which causes bloating and gives rise to opportunistic infections. Instead of losing a few pounds, your body is focused on getting rid of all of the undigested food thatā€™s causing inflammation.

If you are stuck in your weight loss journey, lets dig deeper and find out WHY!

Join us on May 3rd as we dive deep into our approach to weight loss! This talk will be held at Juicekeys, all attendees(18+) will receive a free smoothie to enjoy during the talk! Sign up at the link below.

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