3 reasons you NEED stomach acid!


Having adequate amounts of stomach acid is crucial for not only your digestion but overall health!

3 main functions of stomach acid:

🧩Sterilize food🧩

One of the many side effects of most popular antacids is a C-diff infection.. this occurs because the stomach is not acidic enough to kill off that bacteria! This can happen with so many other opportunistic bacteria, yeast or parasites which can be catastrophic for your health!

🧩Breakdown of food. Especially Proteins!🧩

Your stomach is the second major step in digestion. This is where the acid SHOULD breakdown the proteins you eat well enough so that when the food gets to your small intestines it can absorb nutrients without an issue. Undigested food can also lead to food allergies!🤯 Follow the link below to learn more about leaky gut.


🧩Production of Intrinsic Factor🧩

When your body is signaled to release stomach acid it is also signaled to realize intrinsic factor via the parietal cells. Intrinsic factor is needed to absorb B12!  So if you have decreased stomach acid and decreased intrinsic factor it can lead to B12 deficiencies!

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